About Us

Our Foundation

Following in the footsteps of our Foundation's namesake, the Cynthia M. Reed Heart and Solle Foundation's mission is one of providing compassionate service and of making a significant difference in the lives of those suffering physically and/or emotionally. We are committed to providing financial and organizational assistance to carefully selected charities congruent with Solle's mind and body philosophy.

Our Projects

Hope Week

The Heart & Solle Foundation sponsored Hope Week at Fox Hollow Elementary in Lehi, Utah. Hope week is a school wide program led by the Hope Squad, that consisted of various activities designed to teach students to be more inclusive and compassionate. These activities included a Friendship Day and the creation of the Wall of Hope where students could post positive messages to their fellow students. The Hope Squad is a program where a group of students, nominated by their peers, is assigned the task of establishing a school culture filled with hope, kindness and friendship. Students in the Hope Squad are taught how to identify and assist students struggling with depression, anxiety and/or who may be the victims of bullying.

Cistern in Kenya

Working with Koins for Kenya, the Cynthia M. Reed Heart & Solle Foundation funded the construction of a 35,000 gallon water cistern in Chiferi Village, Kenya. This cistern will provide clean water for a school of more than 300 children in Chiferi and surrounding areas.

"You, through so much generosity of the Solle team, have changed the landscape for a couple hundred kids here in Chiferi Village."

– Bret Van Leeuwen
Koins for Kenya