An obsession with quality you can depend on

At Solle, quality is an obsession. With decades of experience under our belt, we know that unparalleled results cannot come without unparalleled quality. The secret to our thousands of customers’ success is our pain-staking commitment to quality and our carefully researched proprietary formulas, and we know it.

That’s why every step our supplements takes on their journey to you, from harvest to encapsulation, is meticulously regulated and repeatedly tested.

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Partnering with the best

Our quest for quality starts from the ground up. We understand that superior results come from superior ingredients. That's why we source our raw materials from trusted partners and test with independent laboratories around the globe who share our passion for excellence and commitment to purity.

We also ensure that these partners have gained a high level of expertise in specific product areas. As a result of sourcing from many manufacturing specialists rather than a single supplier, we are able to better prevent lags in innovation and quality.

Put us to the test. We love it!

Picking elite partners dedicated to producing the best is just the beginning. We believe in the power of nature, but we also believe in the importance of science. That’s why we are BIG fans of third-party testing. Each of our raw materials goes through an incoming raw material certification to ensure that the final product will deliver the best results possible for you.

What do we test for?

  1. 1.

    Purity - checks for any contaminants such as microbials, pesticides and heavy metals.

  2. 2.

    Potency - certifies the strength and effectiveness of the raw material. This can include the concentration of a nutrient or active ingredient, as well as its bio-availability.

  3. 3.

    Identity - guarantees that the raw material we received is what our supplier said it is and that its composition and characteristics meet our standards.

Guarantees you can count on





No fillers or artificial ingredients


Free of heavy metals

3rd party tested

Quality you can see

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Every Solle product you receive comes with our 10-point quality guarantee