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Why do people feel such a difference when using our products compared to generic brands? Because everything we do, from sourcing, to the part of the plant we use, to including adaptogens in every formula, to potency levels, is all determined with one thing in mind - helping you achieve optimum and lasting results as quickly as possible.

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Why adaptogens?

At Solle, we like to call ourselves the adaptogen people. We’ve been obsessed with adaptogens for over 10 years now. At least one adaptogen is included in all of our herbal capsules and drinks! Why? Because we’ve found through scientific research, as well as personal experience, that their unique properties allow people to experience mental and physical improvements in their health faster.

The balancing and anti-inflammatory properties of adaptogens also work to address root cause, meaning that not only do you feel better faster, but also you’re working to heal your body for lasting results.

On our product shop pages, you can always identify which ingredients are adaptogens by looking for the green leaf!

see what makes an adaptogen!

What makes a plant or mushroom an adaptogen?

Check out their required qualities.

  • Safe for daily use
  • Provide energy, but are not stimulants
  • Strengthen and modulate the immune system
  • Have many active compounds, on both sides of balance
  • Have a beneficial effect on stress management and mood

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