Solle Member

If you are not interested in enrolling as a Specialist, but do want to enjoy the health benefits of the world's finest SolleRewards (see chart), you can still purchase the products at wholesale by enrolling as a Solle Member. To become a Solle Member, all you need to do is complete an online account and place your order. There is no membership fee, no minimum purchase requirement and no annual renewal fee.

Solle Specialist

Enrolling with Solle is simple. There are two basic ways to enroll, or as we like to refer to it, join the Solle family. The best way is as a Solle Specialist. When you enroll as a Solle Specialist, you pay a one time fee of $75, and for this small investment, you receive a number of privileges and benefits including:

  • Weekly and monthly commissions
  • SolleRewards on personal purchases
  • Success workbook
  • Product samples
  • "The Fix" by Dr. Allison Caldwell-Andrews
  • "Go Pro" by Eric Worre
  • 5 $25 SolleReward gift cards
  • A FREE Solle website
  • Access to the Solle resource center

As a Solle Specialist you can qualify for weekly and monthly commissions. The amount you earn each month is up to you. It can vary from enough pay for your personal Solle purchases to generating the equivalent of a full time income. When you consider that you begin earning commissions the very first time you refer to someone to Solle Naturals, enrolling as a Specialist is a terrific option.


Both Members and Specialists can earn between 5% and 10% off of future purchases just by placing an order. You can earn an extra 15% in SolleRewards by subscribing to the SolleSafe autoship program.

Whether a Specialist or a Member, you've always got a place in Solle Naturals®

Welcome to the family!