The Solle Naturals SmartPlan is the first and only network marketing compensation plan that adjusts its commission structure each month based on where the greatest activity is taking place within your sales organization. The SmartPlan automatically optimizes your commission every single month and will pay as much as 15% on your highest level. Solle's innovative and ground breaking SmartPlan will maximize your earnings while you maximize your customer's health benefits.



SolleQuick is a special enrollment bonus that is paid each week to mentors of new Members and/or Specialists and up to 2 levels of the mentor's upline. With a payout of as much as 45%, the SolleQuick bonus can and should be an integral part of your overall Solle business building plan.



HD (high dollar) Override is a great option for high-volume herb shops, salons, gyms, etc. This industry-leading rebate is paid on personal orders and increases in payout percentage as the monthly volume grows. HD Override rebates range from 15-32% and allow those choosing this option to be competitive in a retail environment.


Infinity Bonus

This bonus is paid out on all levels beyond your seventh level. Once you achieve the rank of SolleLeader 15K, you can earn this bonus which is calculated by taking 1% of all of the commissionable volume in the levels after your seventh level (this is because you are paid on 7 levels in the SmartPlan), and then multiplying it by the percentage according to your rank.



SolleDriven is Solle’s generous car allowance program that pays a monthly bonus of between $300 - $1,000 per month toward the lease or purchase of a new car. As your move up in rank, your monthly car allowance increases.


Mentor Match

The Mentor Match bonus pays SolleLeaders who have reached the rank of SolleLeader 5K a percentage match of the combined bonus checks earned by their personally sponsored SollePros on all paid levels. The more you help your team members grow their businesses the more your mentor match will grow.



SollePrime is Solle’s enhanced earning opportunity that can dramatically increase a Specialist’s earnings from SollePro to SolleLeader 15K ranks and beyond. SollePrime is also designed to guide the structure of Solle business toward large scale success as it provides an immediate Pro-level bonus for those actively sharing the Solle vision for mind/body wellness and business ownership.