2022 and You! Solle to Sol is all-inclusive in 2022 and by inclusive, we mean we want to include you! Solle to Sol will take place February 18-22 at the all-inclusive Fiesta Americana Resort in Cancun, Mexico. Every Solle Specialist has the opportunity to earn this amazing vacation. Qualification starts in April and runs through June 2021. We want to include everyone, so identify your goal and start earning your trip to Cancun!

Here’s how to join us:

  1. Be a specialist at Solle Naturals.

  2. Get your “Solle to Sol” starting OV Number.

  3. Reach all 3 of the Solle to Sol monthly targets of growing 1000 OV over the previous month as you help others.

  4. Attain at least SolleLeader 5K rank.*

  5. Hit Solle Prime every month of the qualification period and you’ll be able to join the Founders for an exclusive evening activity.

  6. Pack your bags and join other Solle to Sol achievers at the luxurious, all-inclusive Fiesta Americana Resort in Cancun, Mexico Feb. 18-22, 2022.

Solle to Sol Monthly Growth Targets:


Starting OV + 1,000


Starting OV + 2,000


Starting OV + 3,000

Starting OV:

Less than 5K = March ending OV

5K and above = Average OV October through March


25K and above: Fully paid for 2 people for resort plus $350 per person airfare allowance + **extra day

15K: Fully paid for 2 people for resort plus $250 per person airfare allowance

10K: Paid resort for 2 people (must provide own airfare)

7K: $700 trip voucher

5K: $500 trip voucher


  • *For Specialist-SollePro 3K, must hit the rank of SolleLeader 5K at least once during qualification period along with the volume goals each month to qualify. Must hit rank at least 2 times during qualification period for 5K-10K to qualify at new rank. Must maintain or grow rank every month for 15K and above to qualify (can’t drop from 25K to 15K and qualify).

  • Cannot qualify at the 5K rank level for two consecutive Solle to Sol trips.

  • Must hit prime all 3 months to qualify for the extra day for SolleElite 25Ks and above.

  • Starting OV does not include volume from the rank 5K and above in your organization.